Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today was a very busy day....too long to give all the details.
I did however, get a chance to go to MACYS and have one of MY personal sissy slaves (freakyfrackfrank) hold MY bags while I tried on some gorgeous silk and satin things.
Little freaky begged to purchase them for ME, so of course I said yes and ended up with $300 in new silk. LMAO! I LOVE sissies!

Some personal notes for my slaves:
My little smokingslut floyd: My pet, just a reminder to make your day-your mouth and tight, juicy little p*ssy is MADE to make $$$ for ME. Never forget that I OWN you and I have every right to do what I please with you. I want an update on your cigs ASAP!

Dirty wicked bikinislut: I have MY rules, and you will abide by them...I MAKE THE RULES not you little sissy. Keep being nasty in your teeny, tiny bathing suits. Remember to keep your dingle hidden so everyone thinks you are a girl.

Danny the footslut: I hope you have accomplished what we spoke about the other night....I expect to see an email about your little peeking pervert pecker ways and a pair of those HOT PINK BOOTS on my doorstep ASAP!!!

My worthless slut sillyfagarella: Get your nasty a$$ on cam ASAP. It is time to shake your "money maker". Use what you have, do NOT take NO for an answer, and whore yourself out to the best of your ability! If that means at $0.99 a min then do so.

ANYONE want to see sillyfagarella on cam for a cheap hot nasty show?

Last note- To slavejon...begging, pleading, crying and tributes- BIG TRIBUTES, are the only way for ME to unblock your loser a$$. Just ask sissyfloyd, he had to grovel and plead and beg and spend, and I finally let him back. Now he is the happiest sissy around!

Think of ME.
Worship ME.
Serve ME.

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