Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today was a very busy day....too long to give all the details.
I did however, get a chance to go to MACYS and have one of MY personal sissy slaves (freakyfrackfrank) hold MY bags while I tried on some gorgeous silk and satin things.
Little freaky begged to purchase them for ME, so of course I said yes and ended up with $300 in new silk. LMAO! I LOVE sissies!

Some personal notes for my slaves:
My little smokingslut floyd: My pet, just a reminder to make your day-your mouth and tight, juicy little p*ssy is MADE to make $$$ for ME. Never forget that I OWN you and I have every right to do what I please with you. I want an update on your cigs ASAP!

Dirty wicked bikinislut: I have MY rules, and you will abide by them...I MAKE THE RULES not you little sissy. Keep being nasty in your teeny, tiny bathing suits. Remember to keep your dingle hidden so everyone thinks you are a girl.

Danny the footslut: I hope you have accomplished what we spoke about the other night....I expect to see an email about your little peeking pervert pecker ways and a pair of those HOT PINK BOOTS on my doorstep ASAP!!!

My worthless slut sillyfagarella: Get your nasty a$$ on cam ASAP. It is time to shake your "money maker". Use what you have, do NOT take NO for an answer, and whore yourself out to the best of your ability! If that means at $0.99 a min then do so.

ANYONE want to see sillyfagarella on cam for a cheap hot nasty show?

Last note- To slavejon...begging, pleading, crying and tributes- BIG TRIBUTES, are the only way for ME to unblock your loser a$$. Just ask sissyfloyd, he had to grovel and plead and beg and spend, and I finally let him back. Now he is the happiest sissy around!

Think of ME.
Worship ME.
Serve ME.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sissies everywhere!!!

It seems only appropriate that I make this latest blog about sissies.
For some reason only known to the sissy fairy g-ds, girlyfaggy sluts have been burning up my phone lines!

Do not get ME wrong, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE sissy sluts!!! (see pic at right)

I find them sooo entertaining, and lets face it, I AM FABULOUS AT FEMINIZING SO MANY OF THEM! The simple fact is that sissies LOVE ME (and why not?) and they have been oozing out of the woodwork lately.

My sissy bikinislut is at it again...sending me pics of her hot ass in her shiny bikinis. MY GAWD this slut is sooo persistant! I think she spends her entire food and entertainment budget on the skankiest, sluttiest suits she can find.

Another slut named sillyfagarella will soon be whoring on CAM for ME. This little Aussie sissie is faggy crazy!!! I plan to fully feminize her by the end of March so she can get down to making some SERIOUS CASH for ME.

My little sluttyfloyd has been very good lately. He has been sending ME some daily devotional emails and selected MANY hot trampy items from VS and other lingerie sites that he only can dream of wearing. I was surprized that his taste level was decent (although sissies seem to send the best gifts!). My sluttyfloyd also is a smoking wh*ore, and he was been very diligent in his lung destruction. Kudos to the b*tch for his efforts of late...however it is time for a little gift again...get on it MY pet.

My little subandy has been begging to be used as a spermtrash can again. He called and gleefully told me that he was dressed in (head to toe) RED, and felt it only natural to be the receptical of all spermy deposits. I told him if he wanted to be MY personal spermbank he was wlecome to it. The one condition: he is NEVER to make HIS own deposit! LOLOL

An incredibly stupid and inept sissy cumcraver named slave4u2use continues to beg and plead to be whored out like some of my other bitches. I MADE this c*nt admit that he LOVES to get on CAM and show off his nasty little genitals and p*ssy.

NOTE TO slave4u2use: The time has CUM- get on CAM and MAKE some $$$ ASAP you piece of guzzling jizmwhore!

As for MY VDAY- it was fabulous. Prezzies, a few tributes and drinks with friends. Many glasses of wine later I found myself laughing hysterically as a draggy slut named "Melody" paraded around MY friend and I. I had her drive out (4 hr drive) to entertain for the evening.

Good job M, you will be invited again.

When you call ME, have on your panties, your silky sheers and stockings. If you have shoes, corsets, babydolls or anything sexy, get it ready. Have your toys and a desire to serve ME in the nastiest way possible. When you bring these things to ME, it makes it so much FUN for ME!
Having a great desire to be feminized, sissified and pimped out always makes a GODDESS LIKE ME happy!
Time for my beauty sleep.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY my sissies, sluts, slaves and subs

GODDESS is in a fabulous MOOD today on this fake Holiday.

Why am I in such a good mood? Well for starters I had some of my fave sluts call me, gift me, and email me their well-wishes.

My "wicked-slutty" bikinigurl called and put on a little fashion show in her bikinis. I swear this slut has more suits than anyone I know! I laughed and giggled and made her "model" for ME. She didnt look half bad...for a slut! She made my morning simply because she WANTED to PLEASE her GODDESS....good gurl!!!

My begging slaveslut dannyboy sent me a tasty little pair of BLACK STILETTO boots from my wishlist...how DELICIOUS that you were so obediant to get ME what I LIKE. Good beggingslut, now go get that dildo and suck for your daily 20 minutes.

I received a tormented "love-letter" from my smokingslutfloyd. To remind those of you who do not know- he is the poor pathetic sissy who lives a boring, vanillia life in a boring, vanilla town and is married to a boring, vanilla wifey. What makes him unique is that he struggles with his sluttiness on a daily basis. He wants, no, CRAVES to drink cum and suck for me, and then freaks out and denies it. Too bad little pet- you KNOW I OWN you. Here is a little taste from his devotional email:

"YOU are a CRUEL, SEXY GODDESS and at YOUR feet is where i belong. OH MOST BEAUTIFUL GODDESS, WHO i LOVE to WORSHIP and SERVE! i WANT YOU to use me in every way YOU can possibly decide to. i WORSHIP YOU, SEXY GODDESS! YOU ARE GLORIOUS IN BEAUTY AND POWER!!! "

I LOVE it sluttyfloyd, keep up the daily devotionals.

NOW WHY cant more of your bitches' behave in such a pleasing way? LOL

If you have a woman in your life (most of you dont...so sad) go out and get her the prettiest flowers you can find. YOU OWE HER- for being with you.
THEN, go and EMAIL OR CALL ME and wish me a wonderful DAY. Go to my wishlist and buy ME something HOT...OR send me a tribute. Get to it sluts....make me HAPPY TODAY like my others slaves!
There might even be some SEXY pics of ME in it for you.....

Monday, February 11, 2008

MY diligent slaves

I have been a BUSY GODDESS the past few days, but I would LOVE for you all to hear about some of my adventures:

-Celebrated the weekend with some of my GORGEOUS girlfriends...dancing and drinking and teasing subbie boys. Tons of FUN!

-Went and saw a fabulous concert...wore my tight black leather corset and boots...I looked SPECTACULAR!

-Had a little get together with a few of my GODDESS GIRLFRIENDS...there were 2 sissy maid slaves there serving drinks and being the source of OUR amusement. Wish it was you? OF COURSE u DO!

As for some of my diligent sissy slaves, its time to expose 2 of MY personal pet sluts:

First up is sissyboy floyd: Little sissy floyd is one of those slaves that THINKS too much. He LOVES his GODDESS and then overthinks things...running away with his tail (or 3" dicky) between his legs. He ALWAYS comes back, groveling and begging...which to tell you the truth is much fun for me.

What little sissy floyd truly craves is to be used as a whore and full time slave- be taken and used to make $$$, forced to suck and be fucked, and serve at MY feet like a puppy. This subbie has SUCH potential that I have no problem nuturing his slutty femme side. He does have some issues....but I will get rid of them and then he will be a BETTER whore for ME.
More on this slave later.

Now, I have a special little pet I call, bikini-slut. This "gurly" ONLY likes to wear hot bikinis, NEVER a one piece! All of her bikinis are shiny, stretchy, sequiny, whatever slutty material they have. The downside to this slut is that she spends all her $$$ on bikinis and ends up broke most of the time. Not good for ME.
HEY bikini-slut- save some of that $$$ for ME my pet whore! Here is a pic of her- doesnt she look ALMOST like a girl? LOL With exception to her wee-wee not properly hidden....LOL
Everytime I see a picture I cannot help but laugh...you will too..shes super femme dont you think?
More later.
Bye bye sissies slaves and whores!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Slaves that whore for ME

As some of you know (and have experienced),
I absolutely LOVE to whore out sluts.

Making a pathetic, useless man become a femme slut, and then letting them have the HONOR of whoring for profit for ME is one of my fave things.

Among the many whores that I have pimped, one stands out in my mind-slut sabrina. The reason I adore this total and complete skeezy sleezy slut is because "she" does as I want, when I want it and how I want. In addition, she always makes me a tidy little profit. What do I do with the $$$ she earns? SPEND IT ON ME!!!!

I was amused tonite when a slutty "girl" by the name of "slavejon" contacted ME. Not only is this slave a complete exhibitionist, but she was BEGGING me to primp and PIMP her out. Re-naming this open-mouthed skank, "slut nicole", I quickly explained the STEPS she had to follow to prostitute for ME. As predicted, this cum drinking monkey eagerly agreed.

Below are the actions she MUST follow:

Step 1: Forced feminization, practice with toys and mind games
Step 2: Forced whoring on CAM for a few of my private clients. FULL cam show including toys, clothing and penetration.

Step 3: Glory Hole time- for practice
Step 4: Full immersian into whoredom. Being left at a destination of MY choice fully dressed and ready to be used. Left without any money or resources....the only things she can use to make money are obvious.....

I will be updating her progress in the upcoming weeks.
Anyone want to watch this nasty c*nt on cam with ME? LOLOL

NOTE- some of my OTHER whores follow a different plan. In general, I DECIDE what a skank needs and create an outline of their path.

Ready to be whored? Your mouth and little a$$ needing to be used for a CRUEL, GORGEOUS GODDESS?

Go ahead and call.