Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer is cumming.....

Hello bitchboys, bitchtoys and bitchwhores-

Summer is cumming...and I have an assignment for ALL MY good sluts and slaves:
By JUNE 21st, 2008 I those in MY devoted flock to each have one of the following:
1 dildo, 6-8"
1 med buttplug
1 large buttplug
1 pair titty clamps
AT LEAST 3 pairs of panties.

These items are ESSENTIAL to ANY good slut/slave, and in addition if you do not already HAVE them, it is TIME.
I will be around for most of the summer, however I do have little weekend trips here and there.

In July I will be in Las Vegas for a short time having fun, and attending a HUGE FETISH PARTY! There will be over 150 DOMMES, slaves and sluts. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! It is going to be a BLAST!

In August, I am going on a 3 day stay to NAPA VALLEY for rest, relaxation, wine and massage. Don't you wish you could BE my sissymaid/baggirl, waiting at the hotel to draw ME my bath and massage MY feet? OF COURSE you do!

In early September, I will be attending a FETISH/BDSM Network event. Not sure how many will be in attendence, but I am going to bring a few slaves. I have already decided on 2, and the 3rd slot is open. PROVE TO ME you are WORTHY and perhaps you can cum too.

Email ME for my NEW SPRING PICTURES, and you will be rewarded with beautiful photo's of MY SUPREME GODDESSNESS.

Keep your mouth wet and your legs spread.