Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning

Hope all my sissies, slaves and sluts had a suitably naughty weekend.
I know I DID.

I went to the most wonderful party on Saturday.
A lovely MISTRESS friend of mine in the city put together a little "cocktail" theme party.
Now, when I say, "cocktail", most of you think of drinks and little finger food....LOL.
Not this get-together.

The "cocktail" part was that FOUR of her best little slaves had their personal "cocktail wienies" painted in red lipstick and tied up in pink bows. Then they served tiny foods that were the shape and size of their shame....gherkin pickles, small pretzel rods, tiny sausages.....

There were many bare bottom spanking, items inserted, tugging and tease and laughing at these poor saps. However, let me make something clear...these little slaves LOVED IT! Do not be fooled by their tears of embarrassment...each one got a special gift for doing as told. Can you guess what is was?

A few notes to MY sluts and slaves:
Little bikiniwhore, if you were to stop spending all your money on gurly bikini's, perhaps you would have enough $$$ to CALL ME and then you would get MORE than a few crumbs. Smoking slaveslutfloyd, get off your soapbox and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Be glad I EVEN give you an ounce of MY attention. My personal shoelover drkizzle, check out my wish list, I found some pointy-toed stiletto heels to DIE FOR! My pathetic andysub, get your loser ass on that hot little plug and call me ASAP with your sissy report.

Have a good day b*tches!

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