Monday, March 24, 2008

Check this out!

Miss ME bitches? Of course you did.

I am not in the mood for to write a ton of emails, so this post will be notes
to some of my slaves and sissy bitches.

Check this out:

This is bikinislut in action...I caught his a$$ on cam modeling
another one of his shiny bikinis. This tramp is such a nasty
little tramp, he always soils those poor bottoms! LMAO!

NOTE TO bikinislut: I will NOT unblock you until you send ME a treat. No more buying bikinis for the next month, the money cums to ME! Raise your hands if you want to see little bikinislut in action on the cam, I can certainly arrange it!

In addition, I have to mention poor little slutfloyd.
As most of you know he is the religious freak with a penchant for serving MY GODDESS feet and heels as well as sucking c*cks for ME. He sends me these tragic emails begging to release him from servitude, then ALWAYS turns around and THANKS ME for using him.

Check out a part of his recent devotional email:
"CRUEL GODDESS, every time i think i don't want to do this any longer, i feel like YOU'VE zapped all of my strength and inner resolve. i don't seem to be able to find any power or fortitude to resist YOU.......YOU have weakened me. YOUR voice is constantly in my head, echoing over-and-over all the things YOU have written to me. i have wanted to break away this weekend, and began praying again............ YOU'VE got me and YOU'VE got me good. YOU are a BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, AMAZING GODDESS. YOU are a CRUEL MISTRESS and a WONDERFUL OWNER. Even when i feel like breaking away, i remember how good YOU have been to me........even when i have those days that I'd like to go back. Or do i? Like i said, i have no strength when it comes to YOU."

He knows very well I OWN HIS a$$.
He is such a devoted freak I actually really enjoy his emails!

I say this to MY floydslut:

I OWN your mind, body and soul. If you are going to "pray", you pray to ME. If you are going to worship, you worship ME. It is time to accept your NEW RELIGION, The slut redemption program at the Church of GODDESS EVA, open to all whores, cocksuckers, sissies, slaves and sluts. Prepare to worship at the altar of of my GORGEOUS body and be prepared to sacrifice for yours SINS.

NOTE TO slaveolly: Dirty, a$$eating piece of sh*t- I want you to email ME a report on your little c*cksucking session. I KNOW you did it, and it is time to confess. Do it ASAP.

NOTE TO blkslave (haslave): When I tell you to CALL ME, you do so. I have assigned you a $50 fine for your rudeness.

NOTE TO atomichorsechaps: Time to go and get MY tasty A$$ photos.
I want you to sit and stare at my perfect pert bottom for 10 minutes. Open the others and stare for 10. Tie up your clitty and balls and then CALL.

NOTE TO lxjunkie my small dicked cucky loser: I told MY lover about you asking to clean him up after we have some fun- he laughed hysterically and instead is thinking about slapping your face and kicking you in the balls, forcing you to wait outside MY bedroom. Get your cucky sissyself back to ME asap...I will make you serve another of my lovers.

NOTE TO slavebrett: I know you are crazy for a mouthful, and truly want to serve ME in RT, but you are now NOT ALLOWED to touch yourself without MY PERMISSION. For the next week, you will be in chastity for ME. In addition, I have a a girlfriend/MISTRESS who is very interested in enacting the kidnapping scenario. Email ME for info.

Be good MY bitches...enjoy MY a$$!!!

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