Wednesday, March 26, 2008

High Maintence sluts

Good morning sluts-

HIGH MAINTENANCE SLUT bikiniwhore has been b*tching and moaning about her pic being up. Therefore, I covered her eyes. WHATEVER. Like anyone is actually going to care! Ohh boohoo!

I bet everyone knows what a whorish obsessed bikinislut she is anyway. Send ME my $$$ slut!

From now on, my HIGH MAINTENANCE SLUTS will be referred to as, HMS's. This is NOT an honor of distinction. This is for those that beg, plead and NEED my time but either lack the funds or are too lazy to do what I want. These HMS's are in danger of ME telling them to F*CK OFF and blocking them. Its a simple warning....take note.

Quick notes for my better slaves:

Little footboy danny I know you have been looking at the shoes on my wishlist again....time to buy.

My slutty slaveboy floyd, keep up the FAITH of WORSHIPPING ME. I want an email report ASAP.

Slutty dorkboy in Cali, I want to see those pics of your new toys.

Pathetic wanker ollyinengland, I want to know how the shemale worked for you! LOLOLOLOL It worked and it was HOT, you little c*cksucking slut!

Bi bi sluts!

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