Saturday, April 26, 2008

Too bad!

I am VERY busy b*tches....I am working on a new project and have 2 new sissy maids I am training right now. In addition, I have a new LOVER that is taking up many evenings with his tireless sex-drive!!! Do not be jealous, you all know you cannot have ME in that way.

On your knees, dressed and whored, sissied and primped, bound and gagged, well then YES!

Note to sluttyfloyd, sabrina the slut and moneyballs:
Get your SH*T together, pay the punishment fines, and CALL ME ASAP!
Note to bikinislut- I am so glad I blocked you! LOLOLOL
Note to worthlessloserskank- after you finish your cockcontrol task, email ME the results.
Note to ben, I see you lurking, your tiny 3" dicklet and own want to suck for ME.

I will update later.
Yearn for ME.

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